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Email Archiving Solutions

Email can create an ever increasing requirement for storage space. It can eventually bloat and slow down your mail server. An effective Email Archiving Solution can help you by:

Just like using our hosted exchange servers, hosted email archiving solutions mean you won't need to worry about:

Our servers are UK based helping you to be more compliant with legislation.

What We Can Do For You

Enhanced IT Solutions can set up and manage an Email Archiving Solution for you that ensures email is regularly archived as often as required to meet your business requirements. Email attachments can be archived and easily retrieved too. We can work with you to set up and manage an email archiving solution that means your employees don't have to manually deal with the burden of deciding which emails to archive and when. This also decreases the chances that important emails will be archived to an employee's local machine and eventually lost when the machine is replaced.

Emails can easily be restored from archive if need be. Employees wont need to worry about exceeding their email quota. Email Archiving means your mail server can be backed up more easily and it can be restored quicker in the event of a failure. Archiving can also mean that mail that is distributed across multiple mail servers can be combined on to a single server for easier searching and management.

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