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Offsite Backup Solutions

Benefits of Offsite Backup

An Offsite Backup Solution from us means:

How We Can Help

Enhanced IT Solutions can help you set up and manage an automated, cloud based, offsite backup solution. Our technical experts can ensure all your important data is backed up and can be quickly retrieved in the event of a system failure.

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Further information on Offsite Backup Solutions

It means you don't have to worry about:

Offsite Backups also mean you can reduce the amount of data you keep on your onsite servers and desktop machines. Less data locally can mean less servers are required. It also means quicker recovery should you need to restore or replace one of your machines, as there is less local data to be restored.

Your data can be stored in an encrypted format making it more secure. Our backup servers are UK based which means you aren't sending confidential client data abroad which can sometimes be against legislation.

Quick recovery from data loss can help minimise your chances of loosing business and potentially damaging your reputation. Once you have the right solution in place you can focus on your business and not have to worry about backing up your data on a regular basis. Backups can be set up to run at times when your network is quiet so that it is not interfering with your bandwith.

For more information call Enhanced IT Solutions on 0800 955 4060, email or fill in our enquiry form.

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