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IT Network Audit

Does your IT network have untapped resources? Could your network's performance be improved with some updates and modifications? Will your network cope with changes you have planned?

An IT Network Audit from Enhanced IT Solutions could help answer this and more. Our team of technical experts will thoroughly assess all onsite hardware including:

Each IT Network Audit will allow us to give you feedback that will include what improvements you can make to increase network efficiency, enhance security and reduce the risk of disaster.

Our Network Audits could prevent you from spending more than you need to upgrading your network by making sure you are getting the most from existing hardware. Alternatively it could highlight upgrades you need before making planned changes that place extra strain on your network like adding voip or video communications.

Network Audit Process

Here is an example of the sort of process we would follow if you contacted us and requested a network security audit (emphasis on security):

Example findings could include:

Other findings could include poor practices like not updating antivirus software on desktops or mobile devices.

Why Use Enhanced IT Solutions For Your Network Audit

Our team of experienced network engineers attend regular training to keep them up to date with the latest technologies, software improvements and security threats. We have 20 years IT experience. Even if your company has in-house experts a fresh perspective can shed light on cracks that may have appeared over the years or may have been inherited by your current IT staff.

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