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Enhanced IT can provide all of your security needs

What if you could not only protect yourself but make trust a major asset for your business? Enhanced is ready to help.

For many businesses, if their computer system fails the results can be catastrophic. The failures may be caused by a breakdown in hardware/software, or from malicious activity. Hackers and criminals are continually looking to steal or corrupt confidential information.

Security Services

What We Offer

Antivirus Protection

Businesses and business data are a big target for viruses, spam, phishing scams, malware and increasingly organised and targeted cyber attacks. The large volume of email and electronic documents that businesses deal with also increase the chances of infection.

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Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Protection software like Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection, Lumension Endpoint Protection and Checkpoint Endpoint Protection can be used to protect your network endpoints like servers, desktops, laptops and mobile devices from potential threats.

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